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Water Cooler Dispenser Malaysia


water cooler dispenserHaving clean , clear quality drinking water for the office now is an important way to make hydration available to everyone in the office especially for those who are pro health. With a water cooler dispenser, it is easy to provide that water and to make it easy for employees to find water any time they need it. The product dispensers like the free standing , table top , stainless steel model has a built in water filtration systems . Ice cold, warm or hot beverages are easily made available.

With a hot and cold water dispenser in an area of the office that is shared, such as a break room or a front room, it’s simple for people to get water throughout the day. And with the water so convenient, they don’t have to take time out of work to go and search water. In many offices, employees not only help themselves to water but also conference around the water cooler, talking about work and networking with each other as they draw their water.

Bottle-less type dispenser with a direct piping water filter system products are also available. It can be installed so long there is a water pipe line close by. Our services include changing the old pre and post purifier filters , parts and accessories for new ones after a year. Alternatively, we also sell alkaline water filtration dispensers.

When employees go to the floor stand cooler dispenser, an easy level allows them to get water from the main cooler and to dispense it into a cup. Many coolers have store areas for cups to be placed. This allows anyone to take the next available cup to get their cool water. Some employees may choose to use their own water bottles or mugs when they go to the dispenser. This allows them to have less waste and to drink from a favorite container.

Water cooler dispenser: A great office convenience

Bottled water dispensing machine are a convenient way to provide water to any size of office. Whether there are three people or 30, a water cooler dispenser is the perfect way to ensure that they always have access to fresh, clean water. It’s a good way to make the office more efficient as well as more convenient and comfortable for employees. Delivery of a new cart of bottles will be supplied once it almost run out.

Maway Resources supplies and service top loading 5 gallon water bottle to customer offices and other commercial site / industrial areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor . Our company also manufacture on our business premise and supply our own reverse osmosis water ; Compeer.  Contact us to for the best price offer , buy the latest products and more info.


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