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Water Filter Service Malaysia


Water filter purifier servicing done by Filterguy

My water filter purifier service is due and the previous seller is ignoring my calls.

By the many customers left behind by the previous sellers

So, this is the problem you’re having now. Your water filter service schedule is already due but the serviceman or the water seller from before is no longer in contact

No worries there. We will take care of the servicing for you.

In our experience, we have been called to service numerous water purifiers that have been abandoned by previous sellers. Or just seem to not care of about looking after for the purifier

This a huge problem when your water tank becomes dirty over time, and there is no cleaning done. In fact, many serviceman are not bothered at all to clean the tank!

Sediments and bacteria can build up over time. This may cause you to fall sick if left long enough.

So, steam cleaning and wipe downs are necessary

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water filter service malaysia
water filter service malaysia
water filter service malaysia
water filter service malaysia
water filter service malaysia

Steam Cleaning the water tank and tab

Purifier Wipedown

Filter, Piping and Joint Replacement

Service with 30 Day Warrranty

RM150 to RM180 workmanship
RM80 X 3 or 4 filters

Note: Purifiers typically use 3 to 4 filters. Price includes replacing piping and joints.

We have covered several homes, office, restaurants, nurseries and colleges within Klang Valley that required deep cleaning. Brands include Midea, Magic and Tong Yang.
Locations covered are Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and Cheras.

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