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Office Water Dispenser Malaysia

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Our company , Agies Resources Sdn Bhd is a supplier of such office water dispenser product including hot and cold top loading and bottom loading water bottled machine. We also manufacture and make delivery of high quality reverse osmosis water bottles to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor location. We sell stainless steel dispensers and water filter purifiers. Contact us now for more info , order services , sale , rent or to get the best price. The happy customers we have served for the past 20 years is a sign of our quality service.

A Convenient, Energy-Efficient Way to Enjoy Your Break or Lunch

Do you look forward to your coffee breaks at your office? Come enjoy a hot cup of coffee or quench your thirst with a drink of cool glass tea at a new office water dispenser. Don’t ever wait unnecessarily for water to heat up

Add a floor free standing ( or a tabletop design ) water cooler to a main pantry location for quick, convenient access to both cold and hot water for your next break or after you buy back lunch. Save time. Refresh yourself. Having a good quality water is essential to your health to function at the corporate or industrial office.

hot and cold office water dispenser is also both office water dispenserenergy efficient and easy to clean. The coolers have a drip tray you can remove quickly. Save time and effort. Alternatively for areas that do not conveniently have a water supply close by to install direct piping; we deliver bottled 5 gallon water unit to office premise.

With the dispenser, you also have many options for preparing your favorite foods and beverages. Thaw your frozen peas and beans, cook your noodles and pasta, and mix your hot oatmeal or grits all in minutes. Just press the button to dispense the pre heated water. It is also available for rental.

Office Water Dispenser: An Option for Purifying Water from the Tap

office water dispenserYou can also enjoy pure drinking water directly from the tap with a made in Korea direct piping cooler connected to your office in-house water source ( pipe line ). Direct piping products enhances water purification and taste. Filters cartridges are already included to provide filtration producing safe purified drinking water.

With direct piping, you can enjoy natural, refreshing water free from harmful particles. The water passes through a latest filtration system to purify it. The very same service and dispensers used for a business , can be use for a home supply too. Accessories are available when maintenance is needed.

Whether you try a dispenser for 5 gallon bottle or direct piping, you’ll enjoy a multitude of ways of preparing quick meals and mixing hot and cold beverages. Go to your nearest dispenser the next time you take your break or lunch hour. Relax, savor, and enjoy the taste and aroma of your favorite food and beverages!

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Depending on the number of staff in the office, you may opt for either a tank type or tankless. A tankless model will serve well for a small kitchen or pantry. If you need a high volume water, a purifier with a UV light sterilizer is highly recommended. UV light will sterilize the water tank and tab of bacteria.