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Hot and Cold Water Filter Malaysia

Temperature Controlled Hot & Cold Water

Maway Resources is a supplier of hot and cold water filter products and delivers directly to commercial and residential properties. There are good reasons to have cold and hot water instantly available in any place in an office, business or home.

Employees can prepare their favorite drink like coffee and tea, and dispensers are able to heat or cool water quickly. With instant hot water, someone can get dry soup or noodles for lunch, instead of needing to go to a fast-food restaurant.

We have also water coolers available from our company that use five gallon capacity of bottled reverse osmosis water for the top loading standing machine dispenser. Suppyling realiable brands like SK magic.

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Fresh and Pure Quality Drinking Mineral Water with our Hot and Cold Water Filters

We also install direct piping filter system that attach to a building’s pipe line to ensure customers can dispense cold or hot water at any time of the day or night.

Unfortunately, tap water is often full of contaminants that make water taste bad or have an odd odor. So, we also provide our own manufactured high quality reverse osmosis water for the standing or tabletop design form . Having a cooler in a building makes getting water easier when sinks and faucets are located on different levels of a building.

Many medical facilities are concerned about hydration to maintain physical health and mental clarity, and with coolers, it is easier for infirm individuals to access water when it is located nearby. Stainless steel water fountains are also a good option for many offices and public spaces.

We also sell brands such as Magic and Tong Yang (both now rebranded to SK magic) which are made in Korea and alkaline water filters are also available. Old filter cartridges are replaced with new ones every 4 months to 12 months with steam sterilization.

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Dispensers Have Safety Features

For small homes or workplaces, a table top hot and cold water filter product is suitable, and it is also possible to select floor free stand devices that permit many people to access the water at one time. 

Hot & cold water filters that cools and pre-heat water in tanks are completely safe because the cooling compressor, heating element and filtration systems are located inside the devices away from everyone’s hands. The hot water dispenser tab has a safety feature that makes it difficult for a child to turn it on.

Contact us now for price , services , information or to buy . We supply and service for Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

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