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JIKSOO Review Malaysia (SK magic brand)

This article is a review of SK magic’s JIKSOO water purifier concept. SK magic is the latest brand entry into the air and water purifier rental market in Malaysia. Now you have three major rental brands including Coway and Cuckoo. SK magic’s water purifier concept is JIKSOO: non-stagnant, clean pure mineral water. It officially launched in Malaysia on December 2018.

The head company is SK Group (Sunkyong) based in South Korea. They are a conglomerate who are involved in manufacturing, telecommunications, oil and gas, hotel line, car rental and obviously home appliance rental.

So the meaning of JIKSOO in it’s entirety, is the tankless concept. While there are tankless models from other brands; there are more benefits from SK Magic’s water purifiers that you will want to consider (and at a better price)

SK magic while being a relatively new entry to the water purifier rental market; has plenty to offer in comparison to Coway and Cuckoo.

water purifier in malaysia

What are the features of JIKSOO water purifier that are beneficial for you?

1. No Water Tank (Hygienic Water Purifier environment)
SK Magic’s JIKSOO concept completely removes the water tank and uses Stainless Steel Waterway to dispense mineral water. The reason for this is that water purifier tanks are generally not a good option to store water.

When water stagnates, it tends to breed bacteria leading to bio-film like algae that will stick on the wall (especially plastic) or rest at the bottom.The picture below is an extreme example of an uncleaned tank. Plastic tank tend to fair worst even with high grade plastics. Tanks are advised to be cleaned every 3 to 4 months. Every 2 months for plastic.

Even when a water tank needs to be used, it must be food-grade, stainless steel material and an ultraviolet UV-C wave light must be used to kill any potential bacterial growth. Which brings the next benefit.

When there is no scheduled servicing, algae and bacteria will start to grow

water purifier in malaysia

Unfortunately, plastic fair worst (no mateter how high grade it is) as bio-film tends to stick on plastic and discolor.

2. UV-C Wave Light Sterilization 
UV light has been shown to effectively kill off bacteria. For the JIKSOO design, UV-C wave light is activated on the water tab. The two places for potential bacteria growth is the tank and water tab (where water dispenses out).

UV-C wave light

That’s because moist environments tends to breed bacteria. So, the UV light will definitely help a lot to keep bacteria away.

3. Nanotech Filtration System 
SK Magic uses the standard water purifier Sediment and Carbon Block filters. The 3rd filter is where it goes the extra mile in water filtration. While other brands focuses on R.O water or Alkaline.SK Magic believes in just good plain mineral water: because that’s what our body really needs for daily consumption.

It uses two materials: Alumina Fiber and Powder Activated Carbon.

Powder activated carbon is used to remove taste, odor and organic chemicals.

Alumina fiber Nanotech
Microscopic image of Alumina Fiber; from University of Cambridge, Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Alumina fiber is used to remove bacteria, viruses, organic debris, parasites, and dissolved and particulate metals such iron and lead. This technology was funded by NASA and is used for their own space missions as as well. If it’s good enough for astronauts, it’s more than good enough for your home/office use.

The filters as a whole removes any sediment and potential bacteria while allowing minerals to pass through.If comparing to filtration such as Reverse Osmosis; Nanotech water purification quality is the same or better.

But the added benefit is that since SK Magic only uses 3 filters and water passes through the membrane easily. Water is quickly filtered through and dispensed immediately. R.O water will take a longer time to be filtered because of the lengthy filtration involved.

4. Up to 7 temperatures 
You have the convenience of warm (baby milk), ambient, cold and hot temperatures even without a water tank storage. The JIKSOO uses instant heating and cooling for the water temperature. For the hot and warm temperature, it will take 5 seconds to heat before dispensing water.

JIKSOO temperature Rapi model
JIKSOO tankless gives out a variety of volume and temperature selection

– Cold is about 10°C
– Ambient is room temperature
– Baby Milk temp. can be adjusted from 45°C to 55°C
– Tea temperature is 70°C (for JIKSOO Hyper and Rich model)
– Hot is 90°C

If you are concerned about reheating or storing water, JIKSOO is the solution.

5. Power Saving
While there is a small refrigerator to cool down the water. There is no constant heating for the warm or hot water, heating is on-demand only. This will save on electricity as there is no tank to constantly keep hot, as compared to tank versions of water purifiers.

6. A Compact Design of Only 17cm Width 

If you don’t like big and bulky looking water purifiers, the JIKSOO design creates a minimalist  look and using only a small footprint. Suitable for small kitchen countertop or table island.

You will have greater flexibility on how you want to place the water purifier, especially for a new home.

7. Affordable Rental Rate and Price Comparison
While Coway and Cuckoo has their own tankless purifier. Coway’s Ferry is only ambient temperature (RO water) and Cuckoo’s Prince Top price might be too expensive for some at RM160/month.

For Prince Top price, you might as well be getting the JIKSOO Rich which is an ice maker/water purifier combo. Normal price is at RM180/month while promotional price goes for RM145/month.

The JIKSOO Rapi and JIKSOO Hyper normal rental rates are at RM110 and RM120 per month respectively. Promo prices for SK Magic water purifiers are also available depending on the period.

When comparing money-for-value features, SK Magic comes out on top with its’ compact design, UV function and multiple temperatures.

How does SK Magic compare with Cuckoo and Coway water purifiers

–  SK Magic and Coway comparison
If you are not keen in getting reverse osmosis water which Coway is known for, SK Magic only dispenses mineral water. From research and bodies like the World Health Organization, it’s stated that there maybe potential health risk as excess RO water consumption can lead to depletion of our own bodies’ mineral and electrolytes.

So for optimal health function, it is advised to just drink mineral water.

In terms of comparing water purifier tank models, SK Magic’s own water-room WIZ-C uses food grade, stainless steel and UV light to sterilize the tank. This achieves the same water cleanliness standard as the JIKSOO concept.

– SK Magic and Cuckoo comparison 
Cuckoo’s purifier dispenses alkaline, mineral water and it markets heavily on the alkaline part. Over the years, alkaline has been touted to do wonders for the human body.

But if we dive deep in researching on alkaline water benefits do not support such notion because it lacks solid scientific evidence. In fact, it has been stated that it’s a misconception that you can drastically alter the pH level of the human body.

If you like the idea of alkaline water, Cuckoo or other alkaline water filter products might suit you.


SK magic is a great choice for these reasons:

  1. Your’re looking for a compact water purifier for your home or office where space and design is a concern; and while getting all the convenient hot, cold and room temperatures.
  2. You want the cleanest approach in getting purified water.
  3. You want to drink mineral without the additional functions like alkaline (i.e without changes in water pH level).
  4. You want to save on electricitu bills