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Water Dispenser Rental Malaysia

Models Price/month Benefits
water purifier in malaysia

5 years rental


– Tankless
– Can fit on small pantry countertops
– UV Light Safe Care
– 7 Temperatures
– Suitable for small offices of around 10 person
water purifier in malaysia

5 years rental




– High Volume Cold (4.8ℓ) & Hot (3.5 ℓ)
-UV Light Safe Care (keeps water tank & tab bacteria free)
– Slimmer than most tank models
– Suitable for large office of 15 person or more.


water purifier in malaysia

5 years rental

– High Volume Cold (4.8ℓ) & Hot (1.65 ℓ)
-UV Light Safe Care (keeps water tank & tab bacteria free)
– Slimmer than most tank models
– Suitable for large office of 15 person or more.

We currently have a water dispenser rental services for SK Magic (Malaysia) purifiers. For rental there is a  5 years contract where service and maintenance will be provided for free. SK Magic water dispenser uses Sediment, Carbon and Nanotech water filter to bring out the cleanest mineral water.

All water purifiers of SK Magic has UV light sterilization. 


The key difference as compared to other Korea water purifier rental brands (such as Coway Malaysia and Cuckoo Malaysia) is the JIKSOO concept or tank-less type dispensers.
It’s so compact; it is only 17cm in width and will fit on most kitchen or pantry countertop. Every model also have UV light sterilizer to ensure utmost water cleanliness as water tanks and taps have the tendency to grow bacteria filled bio-films. It has all the cold water and hot water you need for every type of drink.

 Rent is only from RM 105 to RM 125 per month for hot, cold ambient temperature. Minimum 3 years rental with warranty, service and maintenance covered. The only fee is the rental and nothing else. All parts and water filters are replaced for free. SK Magic also has air purifiers.
While other brands emphasizes on reverse osmosis and alkaline water respectively. SK Magic believes mineral water is all a human body requires for daily consumption without excessive filtering. Any excess filtration for Malaysia water supply, beyond what is necessary would cost more leading to wastage.
The monthly rental or purchase products are very suited for home, office and retail space as an alternative to a water cooler (bottle type). Delivery and installation covers Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and throughout Malaysia. Soon to cover Sabah and Sarawak. Contact us now to know current offers!

Water Dispenser Rental is the way to go

At Agies Resources Sdn Bhd, we have been a supplier of water coolers to numerous homes and offices for the bottled drinking water for top loading dispenser system and water purifiers. Please note that the bottle loading type dispensers are required to be purchased. For bottled water delivery, it is within Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya area. Minimum 10 bottles per delivery.

Water dispensers provide a convenient source of great-tasting water for offices, stores, schools and other establishments. However, they’re somewhat expensive to purchase and maintain. Businesses and homes can avoid maintenance hassles and minimize the initial cost with water dispenser rentals.


Rented dispensers usually last much longer and more reliably than the low-end units that some stores carry. Any rental business has an incentive to provide high-quality equipment that it won’t have to fix or replace many times.


If a rented dispenser does fail, you can call us at any time and schedule a free service call. We’ll quickly repair it or supply you with a different unit. You won’t have to worry about fixing dispensers or trying to find parts.


Hot and cold water dispenser rentals let your company acquire well-made dispensers without spending hundreds of ringgit. Filter and parts replacement are already included in the rental fee. This kind of rental service is economical long-term use. It works well for permanent installation in offices, cafeterias, pharmacies and colleges.

Direct Piping

It directly connects to your water plumbing eliminating the need to refill containers or or getting new bottle supply. 5 gallon size bottles take a lot of unnecessary space and looks unsightly especially if keeping it for months. This equipment filters out pollutants. sediments and chlorine while giving hot and cold water.

Basically, a water dispenser rental service can help you save time and money. If you’re interested in renting one or more dispensers, please contact us for pricing information and further detail.