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Getting the Right Water Purifier for Your Home & Office

Alkaline? Hydrogen? Ionizer? Confused?


We tried numerous water purifier types in order to give you what works.


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Water Dispenser Supplier Malaysia

Maway Resources is a water dispenser supplier that prvides your company and home with fresh, purified drinking water along with dispensing machines in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. We supply, install and services water filter purifiers.


Why Choose Us?

We have seen many types of water filters and purifiers over the years in the market. We also used and tried out numerous products ourselves. Alkaline, hydrogen, ionizer; you name it, we already tried it. This gives us a better perspective of what these water purifiers can and cannot do. All this is to ensure you get the best product possible without the extra cost.

We have been in the water dispensing supply market  and supplying to customers for 20 years. Choose from our selection of quality water dispensers that work best for your home, office and business premises and never go without fresh water. There are several types of water dispenser products and for you to choose from. Sales of water filter purifiers are available and we provide accessories and parts for maintenance.

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• 4 months interest free installments with PaySlowSlow

• 20 years experience in manufacturing and supplying water dispensers

• Providing value-for-money for our  direct piping water dispenser products

• The latest in water purifying technology

• Hiqh quality Korean water purifiers

• Energy saving products

Super happy and satisfied to have fitted this beauty in our brand new home. Our sales person, Brandon Chin, gave a very detailed walkthrough of all the different models and we picked this masterpiece here to fit our daily needs. Highly recommend his service which was excellent and it was indeed a very pleasant experience!

Jason Tan

Just installed SK magic JIKSOO Hyper, both my wife and myself are satisfied with this product. Love the tankless concept, reduces chance of bacteria growth within. Apart from that, there are 7 types of hot temperatures to choose from. All in all, I feel it’s easy to use and safe.

Alvin Poh

Highly recommended if looking for convenient of having direct source of hot water, especially for new born/ baby. The plus point given its tankless, knowing less maintenance and no accumulation of growth. Great service by sales person, Brandon Chin who gave a detail explanation and options prior to signing up. He was also quick to answer to any question for the product.

Gerald Ong

Loving the purifier and it’s different temperature settings. Thank you so much for the great service and detailed explanation through the entire process.

Sonia Chin

Ordered on Tuesday and everything was installed and complete by Friday. Everyone was very helpful and very satisfied with the product and service. Looking forward to the next few years with my JIKSOO Mini (ambient) that goes so well with the decor of the kitchen.

March Chooi

Clients Served

The latest and future of water filter purifier, is the tankless purifier design  or JIKSOO in Korean. Without using a tank, water is instantly heated for hot temperature while chilled pipes cools cold water. The result? Clean drinking water without bacteria risk found in traditional water tanks. Not only that you will save space and electricity (up to 252%)!

magic water dispenser malaysia

We also offer direct piping water dispensers. This is where the dispenser product is connected directly to your home or office water supply line. There are no giant water bottles that needs to be refilled and installed. Instead, the dispenser purifies the tap water through a filter cartridge system so you end up drinking similarly the same water you would get from the manufactured RO water bottles. Stainless steel water fountain is also available.

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Not only do water coolers provide your family and co-workers with purified water, but they also dispense hot and icy cold water. Water dispensers chill in the stainless steel 304 water tank before it goes into your cup thanks to built-in refrigeration units (compressors). Most dispensers also have a hot water option. A separate dispenser contains a heating unit tank that warms the water before it goes into your cup. Use the hot water for coffee, cocoa, or to heat up food with. Rent is available with flexible contract.

stainless steel water dispenser malaysia

Stainless steel water coolers are ideal commercial areas with heavy traffic and usage. Schools and universities also use steel water coolers for durability and high volume water storage. Food grade 304 stainless steel tanks ensures water storage is kept clean (as opposed to plastic which can grow bacteria quickly). Available in hot and cold, and cold only function.