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Tankless Water Purifier Malaysia

A tankless water purifier is purifier that works without any hot or cold storage tanks. This allows a more compact design as compared to legacy type water purifiers in Malaysia.

The latest advancement in hot & cold water purifier

If there’s any real advancement in water purifier technology, it’s the tankless type water filter. Doing away with the water tank drastically reduces the size of the purifier, allowing to fit well on all kitchen countertop or pantries.

Technically you can already have clean water with filters alone with just a casing to store it. But most homes and office wants to have a hot and cold function, or at the very least hot temperature.

For the hot and cold function, it works by using heat exchange technology. Cold water is produced by using a small cold compressor to chill stainless steel pipes. Hot water uses instant heating element to heat the water quickly (usually under 5 seconds).

  1. Hot Cold & Ambient Temperature
  2. Temperature: Ambient, Cold, Hot, Tea and Baby (3 variations)
  3. Power Consumption: 2400w Hot (On demand only)
  4. Dimensions: W170 X D490 X H390
  5. Minimalist Design and Compact.
  6. Weight: 12.3kg
  7. Space and Electric Saving!
  8. RM105/month (rental) or RM4600 (outright purchase)
  9. SK magic JIKSOO Hyper

The cleanest possible (minimal maintenance)

Since there is no water tank storage, exposure to bacteria is kept to a minimum. The problem with water storage is that due to stagnant water, bacteria tends to grow in a moist environment. While stainless steel tanks are a better choice (as compared to plastic), bacteria and algae can still grow over time.

Removing the tank essentially cuts potential bacteria growth almost to zero. Water is never stored and only dispensed as need. Some brands also installed UV light sterilizer on the water tab, as it is also exposed to a wet environment leading to bacteria growth.

tankless water purifier malaysia
  1. Hot, Cold, Warm and Ambient Temperature
  2. Temperature: Ambient, Cold 10°C, 40°C, 70°C, and 80°C
  3. Power Consumption: 2500w Hot (On demand only) / 100w (Cold)
  4. Cooling Method: Direct Cooling
  5. Dimensions: Width 180mm X Depth 514mm X Height 407mm
  6. Minimalist Design and Compact
  7. Weight: 13.7kg
  8. Easy Filter Replacement (D.I.Y) / No Need for Technicians!
  9. RM3700
  10. Available in 4 monthly installment; interest free
  11. MW-Tankless 8000

The Ultimate Space Saving Water Purifier

The width size is roughly the length of a pen. Only around 18cm. This makes it incredibly ideal for a small pantry or a kitchen island. The kitchen will look better with a minimalist water purifier and save the necessary space for other appliances.


Electric and Money Saving

Without a hot tank, it means there is no electricity constantly being used to heat the tank. For traditional water tanks, it is a waste of electricity to constantly heat water throughout the night or when not in use. Heating is only demand only. This saves a lot on electricity. A small compressor is used to chill the water, which also leads to electric saving.

For a rental type option, you may opt for SK magic.