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Malaysia municipal and well water systems typically have chemicals and impurities that affect the taste of the water and possibly your health. One way to avoid tainted water is by installing a direct piping water dispenser in your home or office. A dispenser will provide fresh, clean, and good tasting water all year round. Here is how a direct piping water dispenser works and how you will benefit from using one.

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How Direct Water Piping Dispensers Work

The dispenser is typically installed in a kitchen or other area where the water pipes for your home or office are located. A connection is put on the water pipe to attach it to the dispenser. A heavy-duty hose is usually used to transport the water from the pipe to the dispenser. Once the water enters the dispenser, it will get filtered.

There are two types of filters commonly used in a direct piping water dispenser: cleanable and disposable. The cleanable filters have to be taken out and manually cleaned of the debris that is stuck on them. A disposable filter simply needs to be taken out and thrown away and a new one is placed back into the dispenser.

The filtering system removes harsh chemicals and impurities like bacteria, metals, and chlorine. Additional filters like alkaline will help to balance the pH level of the water and will add anti-oxidants to it to protect your body cells from dangerous free radicals.

direct piping water dispenser malaysia
Other Benefits of Using Direct Piping Water Dispensers

The other benefits of using a direct piping water dispenser include:

No Bottles. With a direct piping water dispenser, you won’t have to deal with water bottles anymore. This means you also won’t have to lift the heavy bottles onto dispenser, too, and the location where you stored full and empty bottles can now be re-utilized for other purposes.

No Deliveries. You don’t have to worry about running out of fresh water before the net delivery. You also don’t have to worry about being onsite to accept the delivery.

Commercial and Residential Direct Piping Water Dispensers

There are different types of direct piping water dispensers on the market for home and commercial use. One type is a tabletop model that can be placed next to a sink or on a counter. These models are popular in residential homes. Commercial establishments generally like to install floor models. The floor standing models have a bigger holding tank to store water than a table-top model. Many commercial and residential dispensers supply hot and cold water.

Quit drinking water out of the kitchen and bathroom faucets and fill your glass up with cool or hot water from a direct piping water dispenser. Call us today and we can help you determine which type of dispenser is most suitable for your home or office, and we’ll install it, too. Call us at 03-6189 6266

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direct piping water dispenser malaysia
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