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Outdoor Water Filter

Outdoor Water Filter Malaysia (Point-of-Entry)

Outdoor water filter or Point-of-Entry water filtration system, is a tall cylindrical purifier that can filter out sediments in Malaysia piping water supply.

It is advisable for every home and commercial areas (like cafes and restaurants) use an outdoor water filter to remove majority of the sediments before going into water taps. This is due to built-up of sediments in old rusty pipes especially for locations that has yet to have to new piping work done by bodies likes DBKL (City Hall) or water pipe renovation work.

The most common type of outdoor water filter in Malaysia is the POE Layered Granular Sand. The materials used for water filtration are:

outdoor water filter malaysia
  1. Coarse Silica
    It’s used to remove large sediments
  2. Medium Silica
    Remove medium size sediments
  3. Fine Silica
    Removes fine size sediments
  4. Anthracite
    Captures smaller suspended solids. Enhances backwash effectiveness.
  5. Activated Carbon
    Removes chlorine taste and smell.

Do I Really Need an Outdoor Water Filter for my Home / Office?

It is highly recommended to have Point-of-Entry water filtration due to sediments that builds up over time in municipal water pipe line. While water companies like SYABAS sanitized water supply (that’s why you pay the water bill). Once it enters the old rusty pipes and stagnant water tanks, water is filled sediments again.

Is an indoor purifier unit still necessary for drinking after installing a wholehouse water filtration?

We still recommend an indoor water purifier for mainly 2 reasons:

  1. Sediments exist in older pipings of a house that has aged.
  2. An indoor UF (ulfiltration) water filter purifier (point-of-use) is needed to help get rid of potential bacteria or viruses.

How often do I need perform the backwash function?

At least once a week.

What is the price and warranty?

RM1590 including installation. Warranty is 5 years for water quality. Installation within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.