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Water Purifier in Malaysia


The 3 types of Water Purifiers/Dispensers in Malaysia for Home and Office Use

For indoor water purifier in Malaysia, you have mostly 3 types of it. The standard water tank purifier, the gravity fed water dispenser (bottles) and tankless types (direct dispensing). All these model types have a range of hot and cold function and other temperature variety depending on the function availability. Or just normal ambient temperature for your drinking water system.

You can outright purchase them from department stores or shops that specializes in water purification. Be sure that the sellers/suppliers provide the maintenance service and really do clean your water purifier properly. Unfortunately, there has been many cases where some water businesses closed down after a while leaving its’ customers without support. With purchase, you get to own the unit if that is what you prefer. Just take note of the servicing and filter cost.

For rental options you have heard of leading brands such as  Coway, Cuckoo and most recently SK Magic. For these brands, they’ve been around a while and will certainly provide the maintenance you need along with the rental plans you choose to sign up with. The benefit is that you can get a great monthly price that combines rental and servicing offer.

For Malaysia water filtration, local water consortium already has done sufficient treatment in order to remove majority of sediments and sterilize the water with chlorine. So , your only main concern is sediment and chlorine removal.

Water Tank Purifiers

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This is the most common in Malaysia market with both outright purchase and rental brand types alike. Your standard water tank purifier gives you at least hot and cold (with ambient as a possible third temperature). You have at least 3 to 5 filters depending on the water type such as Reverse Osmosis, Mineral Water or Alkaline Water.  The standard filters used are Sediment, Carbon and UF Membrane which are sufficient for Malaysian household tap water quality.

The tank is made of plastic or stainless-steel material. The best material to store water is food grade, stainless-steel. While plastic storage is common, unfortunately despite high grade plastic; it tends to breed bacteria easily due to how moist environments effect on plastic. Algae and bio-films tend to grow and stick on plastic easily too.

So, the better option is to go with stainless steel. It requires the least amount of cleaning as compared to a plastic type.  Not only that, ultraviolet UV-C wave light is needed to sterilize the tank to further enhance the hygiene environment. This ensures an almost bacteria free environment in the tank.

– Water tank gives a higher volume dispensing (suitable for public space)
– Energy saving design function on some models. May need some time to gradually heat and cool before reaching optimum temperature

– Might be too big for small kitchen countertops or island table
– Without proper maintenance, bacteria can slowly build up in the tank. Requires cleaning every 4 to 6 months maximum. Be sure to refer to your supplier or rental company for their servicing schedule.
– More piping required to connect to filters and water tank. Possible leak points over time, but very easily spotted. Minor con.
– Servicing can be expensive for R.O and Alkaline type products since more water filter is involved. Some rental brands give better rates.
– For RO water, tank fill up rate is much slower. Up to 30 minutes when empty.

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The dirty water purifier tank pictures above is an extreme example of how sediment, algae and bio-film can grow without proper scheduled maintenance. Steam cleaning and wiping of the tank helps a lot to keep it clean.

Water Bottle Dispensing Machine (gravity fed)

top loading water dispenser malaysia

These water dispensers are loaded with a 19-liter or 11-liter size water bottle on top or at the bottom depending on the design. These are much suited for places where there is no available water piping, or it would take too much work to install and extend the water piping. Bottles are placed on top and water pours into the reservoir tank for hot and cold function. It’s available as a standing or a tabletop type. Water supplied is usually pure RO water or mineral water.

– Suitable for places that has no water supply or requires too much piping works.
– Largely for industrial / commercial areas

– Large space needed to store drinking water bottles
– Very bulky
– Heavy to carry up the bottles. Especially to higher floors.
– Exposure of dirt and bacteria to bottle heads when lifting into the water dispenser. Environment and hand contact.
– Not nice to look at obviously, haha.

Tankless Water Purifiers

water purifier in malaysia

water purifier in malaysia








The tankless type water purifiers are the latest in water purifying technology. While there are already previous tankless models, they do not have the hot and cold temperature variety. The new South Korean brand SK Magic recently came out in Malaysia with it’s JIKSOO concept systems: non-stagnant, clean mineral water. They also have air purifiers.

It does not store water at all, and uses instant cooling and heating for the cold and hot temperatures. It’s more lightweight and compact VS the water tank purifier counterpart since it also uses compact water filters. JIKSOO concept also includes UV light sterilization to keep the water tab bacteria free.

And tankless design allows a more minimalistic and clean design making it suitable for homes, small offices and cafes.  The width is only 17cm for the JIKSOO Hyper and Rapi model.

– Mighty compact
– Lightweight
– Can have up to 7 temperatures
– UV Light sterilizer
– Energy saving since heating is only on-demand
– Clean minimalistic design
– External faucet can be attached for alternate ambient water dispensing
– Advanced Nanotech filters that uses alumina fiber and powder activated carbon. Above UF membrane filtration standard.

– Need 5 second to instant heat for HOT water before dispensing. A small trade off for a compact design.

At Compeer (Maway Resources), being involve in the water purifier industry for many years we highly recommend the tankless water purifier option as water does not stagnate. All this minimizes bacteria growth at the most minimum. If you use a water tank, make sure it is food grade stainless steel and uses UV light sterilizer

Click on the link now to see the SK Magic JIKSOO models. Installation and maintenance is covered for Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and other states in Malaysia. Rental starts from RM68/month onward for promo. So, if want to shop for a new water purifier. Now it’s a good time!