Pureal Water Purifier Malaysia | Tankless & DIY Easy To Change Filters

Pureal Water Purifier Malaysia

Pureal water purifier is brand by Picogram, a South Korean water filter specialist company. Picogram has water safety qualifications from both Water Quality Association (WQA) and NSF International. One of the product line by Pureal is the tankless water purifier.

The one thing that separates Pureal’s tankless purifier from ther brands, is it’s easy do it yourself, patented Plug-and-Play (PnP) filter design. This removes the dependency on a technician to change filters 99% of the time; thereby saving cost.

No tank is needed to store water. Water is dispensed immediately.

The only time a customer needs a technician, will be at the installation stage. After that the user can change filters easily with no leaks and no wet mess. No tools, no parts at all!

The PnP filters and tankless design removes the for internal water piping and filter connection tubes. The reason for leakages in legacy water tank models, is the piping and tubing that breaks after a while.

What Pureal offer is a major game changer in the water purifier industry (in particular for residential home. As the PnP design can remove the need for a water purifier tecnician close to zero. Maintenance is easily done with no mess or parts whatsoever.

Why Tankless?

Hot & Ambient Tankless Water Purifier

The need for a tankless design came out of the knowledge that bacteria thrives in a stagnant water environment (plastic tank being the worst). A tank type also leaves exposure to insects entering the tank to steal water.

Hence the need for periodic cleaning by a water purifier technician to remove built sediments and even algae when maintenance is few.

The water tab itself being the a moist environment also can potentially grow bacteria. Pureal’s design allows the removal of the tab and be cleaned.

Cost Saving

No parts, no tools and no technician need for filter changing.

Since filter maintenance is done without an engineer, the cost is reduced greatly over the course of years. In Malaysia at least, the average cost of the workmanship to steam clean water purifier tank and other overall services is RM150 per trip. 3 times a year is need to service, so that amounts to RM450 per year (not counting the filters yet)!

The cost that you saved from the workmanship can be used for the filters instead. Changing the filters is so much easier now! The water tab also can be removed to clean manually with no hassle.

Tankless also means there is no need for steam cleaning unlike traditional water dispenser.

You also get savings in your electricity bill as compared to a tank purifier. Why? Because a normal cold and hot tank has to keep cooling / heating the water all the time. It is actually a waste of electricity as you do not use the water purifier over the night.

Pureal tankless model uses instant heating for hot water and a small refrigerant to chill stainless steel pipes at a low power.

Currently available is the Pureal PC-005 which has both hot and ambient function.

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