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Picogram Malaysia

Picogram is a major water filter manufacturer specialist in South Korea. They have a heavy focus on research and developing materials for water filters that removes sediment, chlorine and potential bacteria / viruses in water supply. Picogram has been in the industry since 2000 and on it’s 20th year anniversary; has open doors in Malaysia.

Picogram History

Picogram is focused on serving the after-sales service market where consumers are looking for alternative filter replacements. Filters provided are suchs as Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Silver Carbon and UF (ultrafiltration).

Picogram has helped developed materials for companies such as Samsung, LG, Cuckoo, Woongjin Chemical and SK magic.

Research & Development

Picogram research and development

Picogram research and development water purification and functional materials such as:

  • High Performance Activated Carbon
  • Sediment
  • Membrane [UF (Ultrafiltration) / Nano / Reverse Osmosis (RO)]
  • Positively Charged Membrane
  • Nano Silver Antibacterial Ceramic
  • Composite Functional Materials
  • Controlling Alkaline and ORP


Picogram has achieve necessary water quality standards for the water filters. Giving customers a peace of mind that filters functions as it should to give clean water.

Why Choose Picogram Water Filters for Your Purifier

The filters are suitable for 90% of the water purifier models in the market, especially for the rental brands. You now have an affordable option to DIY service filters without ever depending on and paying a purifier rental brand to do so.

You can save from 30% to 50% of the “service membership” fees sold by other rental brands. It requires only 30 minutes or less to change filters and shorter for the next round.

No need to ever arrange your time for the serviceman anymore. N

And it’s super easy to DIY service your water filter! Nothing complicated. Guide and tools are provided.

Now Everyone Can Change!

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