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Tankless Water Purifier without Troublesome Service Schedule and Delays from Technicians.

Easy Push-&-Twist DIY Filter Change for Clean water.

No more wet mess and no tank to clean!

Change Filters in 10 seconds! Easy and Fast

RM3800 with One Year Warranty

Installation within Klang Valley.

Self installation gives you a RM150 discount.

MW Tankless 8000

  • Easily change filter cartridges in 10 seconds!
  • No longer do you need to depend on technicians for servicing with the easy DIY Push-&-Twist filters.
  • The MW Tankless 8000 purifier will inform you which filter needs to change.
  • No need for time wasting service schedules like every 2 months when it is not needed. No more rescheduling and cancellations from technicians when you already reserved your precious time!
  • No wet mess with water flow lock mechanism when changing filters.
  • No tank to clean means better water hygiene and removes the need for a technician.
  • Cleanest water possible with tankless design, micro filtration and UV light sterilizer. Peace of mind when it comes to drinking water