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Is Tankless Water Purifier The Way Forward?

Water purifiers are common and a necessity in every household as microwave oven, laundry machine and refrigerators are. Tankless water purifier recently made advancements which outweighs legacy purifiers.

For the most part, water purifier technology has not really advanced beyond the cold tank and hot tank water storage. Filters have been the standard using sediment, carbon block and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane. Water supply from the piping into your home/office, has already been treated by water consortium and have sterilized bacteria.

tankless water purifier
Time to save your kitchen space and cut down your electric bills

The only real advancement we at Compeer has seen so far is the all-in-one (hot, cold & ambient / hot & ambient) water purifier with tankless technology. Not alkaline, not hydrogen, not ionizer.

How tankless water purifier works is that flash heating is used to instantly heat water and compact compressor is used to chill stainless steel pipes for cold water. In Korea the concept JIKSOO translates to tankless.

All this is cold/heat exchange technology that has evolved allowing a more slim and minimalist design. Rather than using heavy, bulky water purifier; users get to have a nicer looking and modern type dispenser.

Maximum Hygiene

Removing the tank from water purifier translates to close to zero percent exposure to bacteria. Bacteria in water purifier grows in 2 places: the water tank and tab.

This is because wet environments and stagnant water allows bacteria to flourish. Hence the need for periodic steam cleaning of the tank to remove built up bacteria and even algae.

A water tank which have not been serviced before

Zero (almost) Reliance on Technicians

tankless water purifier malaysia

Removing the water tank, also removes the dependency on technicians. With a tank you will need periodic steam cleaning to remove built-up micro sediments and even algae.

A tankless dispenser will not store water at all and only heats water when needed.

The only time you will need a technician is during the installation phase. After that you can easily switch filters easily as shown below.

Easy Push-and-Twist Filter Change

Tankless water purifier models recently have been using the easiest approach to filter changing. This allows anyone to change it without technician expertise, without piping, without leakages (this happens a lot when you’re switching typical filters). No special skills required.

is tankless water purifier the way forward
With an easy approach to filter changing, anyone can do it without a technicians help. No leaks and no wet mess!

Tankless Saves You Money

Traditional water tanks need to be heated 24/7 to keep water hot. This is unnecessary electric bill cost as you do not use the purifier throughout the night. Even for cold water, the larger the storage; the bigger and heavier compressor needed in order to chill the water.

Big bulky water hot water tank and compressor uses electricity throughout the day and night

From what we have seen, there is about a RM20 to RM30 per month reduction in electricity bill when a customer switches to a tankless water purifier. That kind of money should be saved for your filter costs.

The other cost for a tank water purifier is the workmanship service which also includes cleaning the water tank which averages around RM150 per trip. Tankless cuts down the reliance of a technician and really saves you money.

Tankless Saves You Space

So with the removal of tank, you will have more freedom on the kitchen countertop. It’s so light and small (hot & ambient model), you can easily move it around. It’s only about 6kg. This makes cleaning so much easier!

The width is only 11.5cm and 18cm. That’s a pen length in perspective.

Make your kitchen beautiful again!

Hot & Ambient Tankless Water Purifier
A Hot & Ambient Tankless Water Purifier. It’s so compact it will fit on any kitchen island or small pantry.

So, is Tankless Water Purifier the future?

Based on current benefits and technology as stated above. This is a strong win for the consumer. The consumer does not need to depend completely for a technician to service since there is no tank to clean and filters are extremely easy to change with no potential leaks.

Not only that, water purifiers now can be slim, minimalistic and space saving.

We see tankless will replace traditional tank water dispensers soon. Here are the top 5 reasons to pick tankless.

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