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Alkaline Drinking Water

Alkaline Drinking Water Malaysia


Accessing the Health Benefits of Alkaline Drinking Water in Your Home

alkaline driking water malaysiaWhat is Alkaline Drinking Water
Typical drinking water is neither acidic nor alkaline. Water that is processed through an ionizer machine or an antioxidant water filter can offer the benefits of alkalinity, or having particles with a negative charge. The opposite of alkaline drinking water is acidic water, which is water with a positive charge ion. Humans do not benefit from the buildup of acidic substances.

Alkaline Filtration Process
Two methods of obtaining alkaline drinkign water are from an alkaline water dispenser. One option is an ionizer, which uses electrolysis to change water into alkaline and acidic elements. An ionizer is a time-tested machine that consumers have enjoyed in Asia for many decades. Another method is the use of an antioxidant filter system, which removes contaminants and generates powerful antioxidants in the drinkable water. This will be connected to the water pipe line. For filter replacement, new ones would be needed to replace old filters when the life span of 6 months to a year has been reached.

Benefit #1: Hydration
Alkaline drinking water in the human diet delivers the same benefits of alkaline that humans get from many fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to see why alkaline water improves human systems. By providing hydration benefits and lowering levels of acid in the body, alkaline water helps the body have more ability to naturally heal or correct problems, such as fighting disease and eliminating unhealthy cells. Many foods are rich in acid, everything from carbonated drinks with citric acid to packaged spaghetti sauce. Too much acid strains the body and can produce fermentation of acids in the intestinal tract.

Benefit #2: Detoxification
In a typical diet including fast foods, processed foods, frozen foods, sodas, and ice cream, there are many sugars, carbohydrates, fats, preservatives, fillers, and additives. Many of these elements would not be present if humans were living off the land, so to speak. Ionized water helps to purify the water in the bloodstream and in all organs and tissues by removing toxins. With less buildup of these substances, people feel better and have more ability to reduce the effects of aging and normal wear-and-tear on their bodies.

Benefit #3: Anti-Oxidation
At any time, healthy cells in the human body face threats such as bacteria, viruses, and damage by free radicals. The body makes free radicals when it converts food into energy. Free radicals also result when sunlight touches human skin and are found commonly in foods and the air. Drinking water that has been filtered and made rich with anti oxidants can counteract the impact of free radicals. Every antioxidant can lend an electron to a free radical to neutralize it.

alkaline drinking water malaysia

To get the benefits of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation, it is important to form a relationship with a reliable supplier of alkaline water filters and water ionizers. There are other brands such as Kangen that sell their products at very a high price. Our products on the other hand are economical for you to order while having the best quality. To drink healthier and help the body fight off disease, please contact us now at Agies Resources and see how affordable it is to buy our product to produce alkaline drinking water.

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